My personal understanding of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is that NVC is a process as well as a tool. According to Marshall B. Rosenberg, who developed NVC, the best way to understand that which is alive in me is to be in touch with my feelings and aware of my needs. As I see it, the process of connecting with feelings and needs can be compared to meditating. The act of getting in touch with my feelings and needs puts me in a state of mind in which I am a silent witness to this very process. Furthermore, as I am in touch with my feelings and needs, I begin to understand that my thoughts and emotions do not dictate who I am as a human being and that there is no need for me to identify myself with them.  I believe that the NVC process allows me to live life in a meditative state of mind.  

Marshall has explained (which I can confirm) that all conflicts can be eliminated in 20 minutes counting from the time two conflicting parties become aware of each other’s needs. 
- Göran Viren Sjögren 

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